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Unifire AB Releases Two New Videos of Force 50 Robotic Nozzles

Unifire AB Releases Two New Videos of Force 50 Robotic Nozzles Swedish robotic nozzle manufacturer, Unifire AB, has released two new videos showing its Force 50 robotic nozzles on two different ships. According to Unifire, robotic nozzles are used for many industries and applications, ranging from a wide range of firefighting applications both on- and…

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Popular Science Touts Swedish ‘Force 80’ Anti-Pirate Water Cannon

Popular Science Magazine covers Unifire’s Force 80 Anti-Pirate Water Cannon Popular Science’s April 23, 2015 article by Erik Sofge entitled, “The High-Tech Battle Against Pirates – A stealth vessel and other technologies could protect ships in troubled waters–if only we’d deploy them” sites Unifire’s Force 80 Anti-Pirate Water Cannon for close range protection of ships…

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Why Unifire Uses Brushless (BLDC) Motors in its Robotic Nozzles

Why Unifire Uses Brushless (BLDC) Motors in its Robotic Nozzles Unifire’s new generation of robotic nozzles now exclusively use brushless (BLDC) motors. Brushless motors are used in industrial robots and other applications that require long life, high torque, high accuracy and durability. Brushless motors are different in many respects to standard DC motors, or “brushed”…

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Robotic Nozzles Defined—A New Generation of Remote Controlled Monitors & Water Cannons

February 23, 2015. The rapid pace of improved technology is bringing dramatic changes in products across nearly all industries. It should come as no surprise, then, that the nozzle industry is beginning to see a new generation of robotic nozzles, which are now at an unprecedented level of sophistication. Since 2014, the term “robotic nozzles”…

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Introducing the New X-TARGA PLC for Unifire Robotic Nozzles

Unifire AB announces the release of its all new X-TARGA PLC robotic nozzle controller for harsh environments. The Unifire X-TARGA PLC controller is a heavy duty , highly advanced electronic PLC for controlling Unifire’s unique robotic nozzles and up to 6 BLDC motors, as well as valves, lights, peripherals, automatic systems, integrating with other systems,…

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Unifire Now on Pinterest! Robotic Nozzles

Unifire AB announces that it has launched its space on Pinterest! Unifire’s Director of International Sales & Marketing, Roger James, states, “Pinterest is a great way of sharing the beauty of Unifire’s advanced robotic nozzles through elegant images. While we have a lot of work ahead of us to create a large variety of images for our…

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10 Things to Consider When Buying a Water Cannon for Riot Control Vehicles

If you are in the market for purchasing a remote control water cannon (aka “monitor” or “turret” or “robotic nozzle”), here are 10 things to consider before you make a decision: 1. The Cannon’s Material—What it’s Made of? Not all water cannons are built alike! Riot Control applications are highly demanding and require a water…

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Unifire Unveils The TARGA: A Revolutionary New Robotic Nozzle Controller

March, 2014 Renowned Swedish water cannon manufacturer, UNIFIRE AB, announces its all-new, ultra-modern TARGA™ water cannon technology! Poised to revolutionize the water cannon industry, the unique TARGA system allows users to simply and economically tailor water cannon systems to their individual needs. From basic, low-cost, stand alone installations, to highly sophisticated and integrated systems. The…

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NPR Interviews Unifire re: Anti-Pirate Water Cannons

National Public Radio’s John Hamilton interviews Unifire AB, a Swedish manufacturer of advanced robotic nozzles for the protection of ships, yachts and marine vessels from attacks by pirates and hijackers. Unifire AB’s Director of International Sales & Marketing, Roger Barrett James, spoke with NPR about the system. Here is the transcript of a portion of…

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